Italian Bio Cosmetics

Creams and serums for the face with Sicilian citrus extracts, Bronte pistachio and olive oil and sweet almonds.

"In nature, the whole world is a pharmacy that does not even have a roof."


"The most beautiful face in the world? Yours."

Estée Lauder

My values

The product formulations of Italian Bio Cosmetics by Dr. Luigi come from listening. The creation of the formulas starts with the actual needs of the customers whom Dr. Luigi has followed each and every day throughout his years of experience. It all began with the pharmacy, a privileged place for listening to people’s needs in order to direct his work and the formulation of cosmetics. As such, each pharmacy is an essential place. But that’s not all.

When creating the Italian Bio Cosmetics range, Dr. Luigi started from his believe that at the heart of a cosmetic product lies much more than the mere search for an aesthetic result. Cosmetics is a gesture of love towards ourselves, a daily ritual necessary to ensure the good health of the whole body. When we choose a product for our skin and body, we have a strong influence on the market. With our choices, we affect the health of the planet and the animals which live on it, and as such, it is paramount that our choices be fair and ethical. Starting from the packaging, which is completely recyclable, from the external cardboard packaging to the glass bottles which contain the creams and cleansers.

"In the world there is a natural order of pharmacies, because all the meadows and pastures, all the mountains and hills are pharmacies."


The key principles of Dr. Luigi’s formulation philosophy are Science and a respect for Nature, in a continuous balance, bringing to his products the results of years of research on the virtues of plants, through scientific methods to reveal their therapeutic abilities.

Dr. Luigi is committed to ensuring that his consumers can trace the active ingredients used in his creams to ensure safety and quality. The precious ingredients used in the products of Italian Bio Cosmetics are harvested in Italy so as to reduce the ecological impact of their transportation. Dr. Gagliano’s formulation philosophy and respect for Nature make the products of Italian Bio Cosmetics both unique and exclusive.

We sell only products formulated by Dr. Luigi Gagliano.

All the products on this website are formulated and produced by Dr. Gagliano for Italian Bio Cosmetics, drawing on decades of experience. The origin and characteristics of every product are certified.

We select only natural ingredients

The choice of ingredients is the key element when combining maximum effectiveness and total safety in each and every product. That is why Dr. Gagliano uses the finest materials for his face creams and his toners and cleansers. As such, the products are made from carefully-selected, cutting-edge raw materials from excellent producers, to guarantee the effectiveness of the product and consistent quality over time.

We respect your skin and the environment

For Italian Bio Cosmetics, people’s safety is paramount. That is why all of the manufacturing processes are constantly monitored. The entire supply chain is controlled: from the raw materials to the finished product, all the way up to the packaging. In the case of cosmetic products, safety means not using substances which are aggressive on the skin and minimising the use of allergenic substances. The formulas are developed to reduce the risk of allergies and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. The entire production process is sustainable and performed with care, entrusted to highly-qualified staff who work with technologically-advanced systems in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices.