"God has given men science so that they could take pride in its wonders. With these, the doctor heals and eliminates pain, and the pharmacist prepares blends. His works shall never by finished! From him health spreads over all the earth."

Sirach, Old Testament

Buying an Italian Bio Cosmetics product created according to the formulations of Dr. Luigi means not only buying a high-quality product, but also being sure that the creams you put on your skin are free from toxic substances, allergens and fungicides.

Italian Bio Cosmetics are 100% made in Italy and are formulated to bring out the natural beauty in every single person who uses them. Certified quality. Our products are not tested on animals, and they are all free from: parabens, mineral oils, vaseline and paraffin, formaldehyde and derivatives, gluten, nickel, chromium, cobalt and lead.

Trusting Italian Bio Cosmetics products means:

  • Knowing exactly what is inside each product;
  • Knowing the history and characteristics of each production lot: this is crucial, because natural raw materials are never stable over time, and depend upon the environmental and weather conditions (sun, rain, temperature, etc.);
  • Every product is EFFECTIVE AND SAFE and does what it promises to.